Secured extreme hold Lace adhesive

Secured extreme hold Lace adhesive

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Extreme Hold - Water Proof - High humidity resitant - Sweat proof

Safe and SECURED hold for 2-4 weeks - waterproof and sweat resistant -high humidity.

Secured extreme hold lace adhesive is created with advance waterproof and moisture control capabilities to provide a secure hold through your daily routine.

Net. 1.42 oz/40g



 For maximun hold, use 91% alcohol and "Secured Skin shield" to cleanse contacted area prior to glue application

DISCLAIMER: be sure to perform a patch test at least 48 hours prior to application 

In extremely rare situations, like any other product, these products may cause irritation, discomfort to the skin. please stop using immediately and consult with a doctor. "Secured" is to be used externally only and should not be applied to the eyes or any openings.

We cannot guarantee that this product will work on every customer due to body chemistry, climates, and skin types/conditions. However, 9 out of 10 customers have found this product effective when adhering their lace units